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(b. 1989 Pittsburgh, PA)

Discarding physical material and leaving trails of digital information are an inevitable part of being human in the 21st century. Jenna Boyles works with textiles, circuitry, and found objects using craft based techniques and DIY approaches to address the subject of waste as it pertains to current political and environmental issues. She traces her relationship to accumulation back to growing up in rural southwestern Pennsylvania and investigates her own personal history with waste. Inspired by public trash and obsolete machines she is driven by a desire to collect and sort through both digital and physical refuse. Responding intuitively to shape, form, and color, Boyles employs spontaneous play and meticulous organization to articulate the ubiquity and resonance of unwanted things. Her practice includes research in electronic textiles, particularly DIY soft circuitry and thermochromic (heat sensitive) fabrics.