Gignomai /gē'-no-mī/ verb, ancient Greek

Gigno- translates to “become” and -mai is a personal ending, therefore “I come into being” or “I am coming into being”

The word appears (in different tenses and participle forms) hundreds of times in the Bible.  Some of the most common usages are:

appeared, arise, become, been made, began, behaved, being made, born, breaking, dawn, decided, developing, elapsed, existed, feeling, fell, finished, followed, formed, found, give, granted, grown, happening, join, made, occur, performed, reached, realized, split, take place, turns

Gignomai” relates to the performance not only as a descriptive action but also as a name for the being I become when performing.  

I am Gignomai. I guard the home. I conceal my body. I am cautious, silent.

Gignomai is the genuis loci, the protective spirit of the space outside the Garden of Eden.  Her body is obscured. Her mind is conflicted about the realization of nakedness. She moves within the boundaries of birth and death, reaching out in defiance, recoiling in repentance.  

Installation and performance. Area 405. Knowing: Having Tasted Knowledge We Grew Naked. Baltimore, MD. 2013.