Patch Portrait

Scrap fabric is stitched into patches and a length of red string that hangs from the artist’s back is tied to the patch.  The patch is then nailed to the wall. If and when there are no more red threads left hanging, the artist must wait until a viewer cuts a thread so that she can begin making a new patch to tie and nail to the wall.  The performance ends when all the threads are cut and left hanging from the patches and the artist departs.  The patches will be available for $10 each once the performance is over and are encouraged to be embellished further and treated like a patch, so that they become a merged portrait of artist and viewer. 


1.  Please do not talk to me while the performance is progress.

2.  You may use my scissors to cut a red string.  I will make and tie a new patch to the severed end of the string and nail the patch to the wall. I will look at you to determine how I should compose the patch.  It will be yours even if you do not want to buy it.

3.  You may touch the patches.  Once the performance is over they will be available for purchase at $10 each.  If you purchase one, you are encouraged to add your own embellishments and treat it like a patch. I want them to exist as living works of art, changing and moving with you.  

Thank you

Jenna Boyles