Thermochromic (heat sensitive) protest banner. Custom milled PCB. Nichrome wire. Arduino Uno. 9V batteries. Scrap fabric. Paint. 

The 2016 US presidential election and protest marches after the inauguration prompted me to create this banner. It occurred to me that my recent work with thermochromism could be used to design a soft circuit that would reveal text through actual resistance. The banner can operate using batteries to allow for mobility, however the climate of the location effects the message's visibility (the color becomes clear at 92°F (33°C). This play of environmental factors upon the message raises the question, what does it mean to be unable to function properly due to external circumstances that are out of control? The slow and calm undulation of the urgent word "resist" acts as a reminder of the importance to breath and reflect amidst turmoil, frustration and action.

*The video documentation is timelapse, the actual time it takes for each letter to be fully revealed is 8 seconds.