A Task for Hands & Feet

A lumpy resting form is suddenly disturbed as boots are thrown at it from off stage.   A sinister taskmaster with a bandaged jaw appears and begins hassling the lump, which reluctantly awakes.  It scuttles away from the authoritative figure, trying to avoid the unpleasant task of getting a boot on its four working feet (for it appears to have others that hang uselessly).  Once the boots are on, the taskmaster shoos it's subject off the stage, through the crowd, and outside.  

A Task For Hands & Feet was performed at The Body X-Tended Show on May 18, 2012 at the 14k Cabaret in Baltimore, Maryland with sound by Lurch & Holler.

A Task For Hands & Feet was performed at the BMA Experimental Garment Performance on November 18, 2012 at at the Baltimore Museum of Art with sound by Tim Nohe.  For more information click here.